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Access to health services in the Amazon

Amazon Hope 1 and 2 are ex-Royal Navy diving tenders converted to medical ships. Operated by The Vine Trust charity from their health centre in Puerto Belen, Iquitos, these floating clinics take healthcare to 100,000 Amazonian Indians who would otherwise have none. They currently serve 250 village communities.


To facilitate the aims of The Vine Trust, IHP agreed with them, the Peruvian Ministry of Health, regional government and the Peruvian Navy to donate medicines for the health centre and floating clinics for a number of years enabling them to fund the provision of another ship within that time.

'Donations of essential medicines from IHP are key to expanding our programmes providing healthcare to the Indians of Amazonia,' says Willie McPherson, Chief Executive of the Trust. 'Thanks to our partnership with IHP, a major step forward has been made in the development of our work on the Peruvian Amazon and its trubtaries.'

Dr Vera Hogg, Team Member on the Amazon Hope says: 'A mother arrived at our clinic with her four children. She was treated for a chest infection, two children were treated for pneumonia, one child for discharging otitis media and the youngest child for bacterial conjunctivitis - all with medication provided by IHP.'